What we do

“We facilitate, train and support groups and communities to grow in resilience, and be better able to organise collectively, dynamically, innovatively, and effectively towards a just and sustainable world.”

Whether you are part of a small community or campaigning group, a large NGO, a co-operative, co-housing project or housing co-op, voluntary or community sector (VCS) organisation, a charity, nationwide campaign, coalition, partnership or network, or any other kind of organisation, whose values and practices chime with ours, Rhizome is here as a resource for you.

We believe that if you get the process right, the results you are looking for will follow. We work with you to make your organisation – and the people within it – more resilient, effective and sustainable. The main ways we do this are through:

Follow these links for more information on what we can do for you. We tailor our services to your needs, and innovate across these areas; we’re also adaptable, flexible and open to suggestions and will apply our capacity and organisational development skills and experience to meet any other needs you may have.