Working Together Online

Less face to face communication can lead to misunderstanding and conflict. Being cooped up with others can be stressful. We can help you work through your conflicts online.

Working with Conflict

Conflict is a normal, natural and inevitable aspect of working together. Rhizome supports people to engage with challenging dynamics and creates space for groups to resolve conflict for themselves. We run communication and conflict training sessions for all kinds of groups and organisations, whether you work together, live together or take action together. We also mediate disputes or give you the tools to mediate for yourselves.

Our team of experienced facilitators, which includes trained mediators, draw on a diverse range of skills and methodologies including community mediation and Process Work. We bring people together, online over the phone, or face to face, and impartially assist them in looking at their issues. We take a co-operative approach to conflict resolution and work to achieve consensus. Whilst we recognise that achieving consensus is not always possible or desirable, we remain committed to supporting people to come up with their own ways forward.

If you or your group are struggling through an active conflict, Rhizome is available to support you through individual coaching, training, mediation or other processes.

You certainly don’t need to wait until you’re in conflict to contact us: we can work with groups on communication and how to work with tensions. Perhaps you want to reduce the risks of conflict, or to know what to do when it first arises?  Come and talk to us before it reaches boiling point.

The case studies below give a flavour of the kind of work we do:

LGBTQI group smaller

LGBTQI group

A medium sized LGBTQI group, struggling to work together with a number of conflicts, approached us for mediation. We talked with everyone individually to identify the underlying issues and built trust. Whilst the process did not manage to resolve all of the conflicts, it catalysed some members into making positive decisions about their involvement.

A Workers Coop smaller

Workers’ co-op

We worked with a small workers’ co-op to explore a deep-rooted conflict which was preventing them from moving forward. We communicated directly over a period of time with each of the members, talking through their perspectives on the issues, and assisting them to identify possible ways to overcome conflict and help them to move towards resolution as a group.

Fears concerns confidentiality cropped

A campaign group

The group wasn’t functioning at the top of its game, due to underlying inter-personal tensions. Rhizome facilitated two meetings, and helped them explore their group dynamics for themselves. This process highlighted fundamental differences in how people felt change comes about, and by mutual agreement one member decided to leave.