• Black Lives Matter has again highlighted the inequality and injustice of the prevailing societal structures and norms. Many of the groups and campaigns our work supports are fighting to challenge and change those power dynamics for the better. We recognise the deep and ongoing issues of unjust structures and norms within those same groups, and within Rhizome. We recognise the need for clear support in addressing these unjust dynamics.

    Rhizome extends an offer of support to any organisation of whatever size or structure working for social change and collective liberation.

  • Whether you see the current situation as a danger or an opportunity, Rhizome can help you. All our workshops and other services are now available online. They are especially suitable for the new mutual aid groups that are springing up and finding their feet. We can also advise on resilience and emergency planning. Get in touch to find out how we can work with you.

  • We can offer you online support with:

    • Having constructive conversations and productive meetings when we are all under pressure;
    • Taking decisions that are democratic and consensual despite that pressure;
    • Dealing with the conflicts that are bound to arise in the new world created by Covid-19.

    Find out more about our online work.

  • We believe that if you get the process right, the results you are looking for will follow. We work with you to make your organisation or group – and the people within it – more resilient, effective and sustainable. Find out more about what we do.

  • We have experienced countless groups and organisations become more effective and successful, with the appropriate support.

    Between us we have decades of experience of working for social change as facilitators, trainers, mediators, community builders, activists and organisational development consultants. Find out more about us.

Rhizome is here as a resource for you! We are a co-op providing facilitation, training, mediation and organisational development whether you are part of a small community or campaigning group, a large NGO, a co-op, voluntary or community sector (VCS) organisation, a charity, nationwide campaign, coalition, partnership or network, or any other kind of organisation. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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A rhizome is a resource for new growth. It’s a store of potential, a store of energy, a way of growing, a way of connecting. Rhizomes make a plant resilient – harder to weed out. Rhizomes allow plants to weather the lean times. They can be uprooted, divided and replanted only to come back all the stronger.

What we do


    38 Degrees

    Rhizome designed and delivered a package of training and support to build on 38 Degrees’ success as an online campaigning organisation and to develop healthy local campaigning groups. By facilitating the development of this innovative model and by delivering a series of community-building regional events across the UK, Rhizome enabled novice and experienced campaigners to connect, resulting in a whole new relationship between 38 Degrees and its members.


  • Retail foods co-ops

    Since 2012, Rhizome has worked with UK-based wholefoods co-ops including Essential, Suma, Unicorn Grocery, Green City Wholefoods, The 8th Day, Village Greens and Infinity Foods to train their staff in key skills and attitudes for effective group work. For each organisation, we designed and delivered a comprehensive training programme tailored to their specific context, including facilitation skills and participative decision-making.


  • London Cycling Campaign (LCC)

    We facilitated an Open Space to give London Cycling Campaign participants the freedom to set their own agenda and discuss the issues most important to them. This participatory session enabled cycling campaigners to talk about how to involve all of London to support Space for Cycling. We’ve since been back to support LCC at another of their AGMs.