Conflict in Groups: Facilitating Change, 10-11 March, Manchester

Get their take on working with conflict: our Grassroots Trainers’ Network colleagues at Navigate are organising a useful workshop in Manchester. 

To get a taster of the extensive work we’ve done on communication and working with conflict, have a read here.  or if you need a hand from Rhizome, read about our working with conflict experience and what we offer, or download our resources from here

10 – 11 March 2018, Manchester. Develop your ability to engage with conflict, whether you’re on the sidelines or in the middle. Gain confidence in what you offer.

Conflict in a group can be profoundly challenging; sometimes it’s like wading through a swamp, other times it’s like a whirlwind pulling everyone in and tearing things apart. Though conflict can be intensely painful, it is possible to find ways through tensions and disagreements together. Engaging with conflict can bring a lot of energy, a sense of cohesion and better communication to a group.

Though conflict is powerful, and potentially destructive, it is not inevitable that it’ll ruin a group, community or project. It can be a sign that change is somehow needed, and it can be a catalyst for helping the group to develop resilience and grow stronger. This is more likely when there are some people willing to get involved, with the capacity to see the situation from everyone’s side, support everyone to express themselves and listen to each other, and help the group navigate through the rough waters.

What this workshop offers
Over the course of the weekend you’ll develop your ability to engage with conflict, whether you’re on the sidelines or right in the middle. Through small group exercises, whole group interactions, and time to reflect alone, you’ll increase your capacity to step in to conflict situations, and you’ll leave the workshop feeling more confident in what you have to offer.

This workshop can help you become a resource for your group when conflict arises. If you keep finding that conflict happens around you, and you aren’t sure how best to get involved, then this workshop will help you develop the skills and awareness to step in when you’re needed.

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