Capitalism and Racism

Our friends over at Wisdom in Nature have shared The Incompatibility of Capitalism with Black Lives Matter(ing):Toward Deep Structural Change in their newsletter and on their blog.

Read it! Here’s a few snippets to whet your appetite:

The successor to feudalism, capitalism rests on the past enslavement of Black people and ongoing globalized exploitation of Black people and people of color as the cogs of production. The police began as an enforcement arm of capitalism, with the purpose of protecting the rights of merchants and slave owners. Yet because policing was purported to provide community safety, it has been funded from the public purse.

This insidious origin story has underpinned the history and current expression of policing everywhere, and is why the brutality seen in the US, can also be seen to varying degrees in Hong Kong and the UK…

…My yearning is that at this unprecedented time of the unimaginable becoming reality – a virus-induced economic slowdown AND a global anti-racism uprising – more people do the groundwork for making another unimaginable change become reality. We can achieve racial justice and meet humanity’s real needs through a moral economy, but first we have to imagine it, and then put our hearts, minds, and hands into making it inevitable.”