consensus decision-making videos from Seeds for Change

One of our cousin training collectives, Seeds for Change, have produced new videos about how to take decisions and feel empowered and listened to through consensus decision‑making.

Intro to consensus decision-making video

The consensus process video

Key values, attitudes and behaviours video

The last video also explains the need for facilitation, addressing power and privilege imbalances, and how to share power through consensus.

Here at Rhizome towers, you can download an introduction to consensus decision-making, or have a look at vast range of older consensus resources, including a history of consensus, a flowchart, consensus in co-operatives, and links to some of our key blog posts on the topic, such as when not to use consensus!

You might be able to tell we’re fans of this form of decision-making, as well as being versed in near consensus alternatives, and other forms of participative methods for taking decisions.

Get in touch if you need a hand with a meeting or process, and we’ll see how we can help.