Consensus: in at the deep end

Upcoming workshop: 8th-10th October 2010

Plunge into a deeper exploration of consensus and facilitation in activist movements – whether in small or large groups, networks, open or closed groups.

This weekend is for people with experience of facilitating consensus who want to deepen their skills and understanding, to share problems and look for solutions. It will be highly participatory and the agenda will be led by participants’ wants and needs. It won’t be ‘for experts only!’ – it will be for people with some experience who are interested to go a bit deeper.

This workshop will be a space to:

  • Deepen our understanding of consensus
  • Build our confidence and skills to share our understanding with other people through good facilitation
  • Reflect critically on how we’re using consensus in our movements

Friday 8th (7-10pm), Saturday 9th (10-6pm) & Sunday 10th (10-4pm) October 2010

Organised and facilitated by Rhizome and the Seeds for Change Network. For more information contact us or Seeds.