Creativity in Action

Just in from some friends:

Creativity in Action is an experimental workshop hosted by the D.I.Y. Collective, Wednesday 11th July – Friday 13th July.

This is a two-and-half-day experimental workshop based out of a London location. From 6pm Wednesday 11th July till 8pm Friday 13th July a group of curious and adventurous beings will:

  • Experiment with London – We’ll invent our own games and play with new forms. We will re-envision and transform London.
  • Explore what ‘DIY’ means – investigate through play and practical action what DIY can mean, looking at ideas of autonomy and agency
  • Build affinity with each other – meet new and old friends, learn to work creatively together, and have fun in the process.

What will happen?
Half workshop, half experiment, we will first get to know each other and learn about key elements of reclaiming space, taking action together and collaborative group work. The second part will be entirely group-led – we will work together to decide how and where we’d like to make a space (or spaces) in London autonomous. We’ll plan how to do it, gather resources, then do it together. We’ve no idea what we’ll come up with – only together can we imagine where we’ll end up and how we’ll  end up there.

Who’s it for?
Have you ever had that feeling at a demo, a protest or a direct action that the space around you, maybe a field, a road, a shop or a churchyard, has transformed into a truly public space, that it’s now your land, that it’s everyone’s land, that usually unseen societal pressures have been lifted – just for a moment? This workshop is for anyone who has felt that kind of beautiful connection before or wants to feel it for the first time. Maybe you spent time at one of the Occupy camps, maybe you were part of Climate Camp, UKUncut, or any one of the groups that form part of our history of reclaiming ourselves and the world we live in. Or maybe you see new potentials in existing spaces everywhere you look but don’t know how to get started. No previous experience is required, only a body, an imagination, and a willingness to share.

Who are we?
The DIY collective have a background in reclaiming autonomous space and collaborative group work. We are artists and activists, wanderers and dreamers.

Where do I sign up?
Places are limited, so please book a place by emailing and tell us why you want to come. The event itself is free. Food will cost £10 or £15.

A note on legality
While the organisers of this event have no control over the legality of what the group will create, we will encourage the group to strongly consider the accessibility and consequences of taking illegal action. Each individual there will be encouraged to stay responsible for their own relationship with the law. There will be a thorough legal briefing.


  • email –
  • twitter: @diycollective
  • facebook: DIY Collective London