Exploring Class – a training for trainers, 14-17 June 2018

Peace News brings a pioneer in activist training around class and classism to the UK for a ground-breaking training of trainers. The closing date for applications is 1 May.

Do you want to support your own or other organisations working for social change to deal more skillfully with social class and classism in the organisation, in individual’s lives and in the wider society? Do you want to strengthen your workshop facilitation skills and apply them to class issues?

If so, Exploring Class may be for you.

This intensive, three-day Training of Trainers draws on several decades of work in the US and will adapt US tools to the UK class system. This residential draws in particular from the experience of Class Action, a US organisation that conducts workshops for schools, NGOs, religious organisations, social change organisations, and grant-making foundations. In these workshops, participants share class life stories, identify organisational classism and make action plans for class inclusion and class/race justice.

We believe that rather than telling people what to do, a trainer or facilitator should create designs which empower participants to see for themselves what to do next. Even when it’s necessary to present information, our experience shows it can be done in a way that empowers and connects to the lives of participants.