It’s great when you get  the chance to work with an organisation over the course of a few days, or get to work with them again in the future.

It allows you to get a real understanding of the important and great work people are doing in all sorts of places all at the same time – an honour for a facilitator, as well as a job.  You start to understand the participants at a deeper level too, which aids facilitation which in turn aids decision-making.  It allows time to travel on the journey with the group, and take them back a step here and there when reflection is needed or when the seed-bed needs fertilising or digging over (excuse my inability to come up with permaculture-friendly analogies!).  And like recently, you sometimes get the chance for a day or two to be in a beautiful town, by a river, and stay over in a pub with very nice beer…!

So thank you to all past, present and future.

We are currently thinking in Rhizome about ways to offer better follow-up with groups we get the chance to work with.  We’ll keep you posted when we figure it out – in the meantime, feel free to invite us back to work with you again!