Kind words from Labour Behind the Label…

Ilana, from Labour Behind the Label, kindly sent us a blog post with their perspective of the session we facilitated for them a few weeks ago (which we wrote briefly about a few posts ago). Always great to hear directly from the people we work with on our blog – positive and not so positive feedback is valuable and welcomed!

At Labour Behind the Label, a workers cooperative campaigning for garment workers rights worldwide, we were thinking of ways to encourage grassroots campaigning on garment workers rights to help raise public awareness and strengthen our campaigns, which led to us recruiting and training dedicated volunteer Regional Coordinators across the UK. Our Regional Coordinators came from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of prior knowledge on garment workers rights, and so it was important that the two-day training we offered them both gave them a strong base of knowledge necessary to become a Labour Behind the Label Regional Coordinator and from which to build on throughout the coming months, as well as the confidence and ability to engage the public in the issues and represent Labour Behind the Label.

We worked with Rhizome to plan and run the two-day event with a specific focus on passing on knowledge and building skills and confidence. Hannah was wonderful to work with throughout the process. We worked closely together to plan a suitable 2 day training programme, which incorporated our needs as Labour Behind the Label and Hannah’s facilitation skills and experience as a trainer. Throughout the process she was approachable, friendly, warm and hugely knowledgeable. I felt confident that the training would run smoothly and the participants would come away feeling inspired and eager to get started.

Hannah facilitated a range of activities across the two-days which were engaging, thought-provoking and confidence-boosting. They encouraged the participants to think about their audiences and how to approach them when running a workshop or event, to think of creative ways to plan a public action or fundraising event, and to feel confident in their new roles as Regional Coordinators for Labour Behind the Label. The activities also covered public speaking and encouraged participants through running practice workshop sessions in a safe environment, as well as facilitating group discussions. Hannah is a wonderful facilitator and trainer, and with her help we were able to cover a huge amount in the 2 days training. It was a real pleasure working with Rhizome and we would happily do it again.