Let's talk strategy…

Just a quick ‘heads up’ to say that from June 21st onwards, for about a month we’re planning to host a series of posts on strategy. We hope to bring you both a facilitator’s  and an activist’s perspective on the joys and frustrations of planning actions and campaigns strategically, facilitating that process, and training activists in the tools of the strategy trade. So check back for:

  • An interview with Milan Rai and Gabriel Carlyle – long-term (and inspirational!) activists on their take on strategy
  • Thoughts from Steve Whiting of Turning the Tide on whether planning ‘step by step’ strategy has had its day, with reference to chaos theory
  • Experienced facilitators sharing the difficulty of supporting groups through strategy processes
  • An intro to, and  critique of, smartMeme’s story-based strategy
  • Resources – web links to strategy tools and techniques…and much more!

And remember this is a conversation, an open-mike gig – so your own thoughts are very welcome. Add comments to the posts, or if you have more you want to say, email or phone us and we can give you a guest spot of your very own.