next years' Co-operative UK training programme

Rhizome is happy to be supporting the new Co-operatives UK programme, for which we will design & deliver training to existing and new co-ops across Britain.

Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Bank have agreed a £1 million three-year partnership to support the development and growth of the UK’s dynamic co‑operative and social enterprise sector.

The new programme, set to launch in early 2016, aims to boost the ‘co‑operative economy’ which is already worth £37 billion to the British economy. Over the next three years, the £1 million programme, the first of its kind in the UK, will support the development of the existing 6,796 independent co‑operative businesses across the UK alongside helping new co‑operatives and community businesses starting up.

“”This programme is about empowering local people to create their own solutions, economically and culturally – giving power to the people.”

For the full story and to register an interest, go here.