Organising for Change workshop, 16-18 March, London (deadline this Friday)

Another event that looks good that you, our dear readers, might be interested in.  Based in part on interesting theoretical bases about organsing and power that have come over from the USA. Training offered by Organising for Change.

Training is 16 – 18th March 2017 at Friends House, 173 – 177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ

£350 for big NGOs, £175 for small organisations; FREE places for grassroots groups

Lots of organisations are talking about the need to complement mass mobilsing (the shallow engagement in most online campaigning for example) with deeper organising, developing people’s agency to transform what people think is possible and grow grassroots movements for change.

But this isn’t well understood – so we’ve developed our training to fill that gap. It’s great for people just starting out or wanting to think about how to move to organising, and also has had some great feedback from more experienced organisers who want a refresher / to see how others are teaching this.

You should come on our training if you want to:

  • Reflect on and transform the culture and processes of your group or organisation

  • Learn and apply strategic organising tools to build your base and your power

  • Transition from mobilising to organising

  • Build a community of practice that allows people and groups from across the movement to come together, share and learn

You can find out more about the training in their blog and the Facebook event, and apply by filling in a short form here before 5pm Feb 16th