The Tao of Leadership and Facilitation

The Tao of Leadership and Facilitation with Gary Reiss

Process Oriented Group Work Training on Rank, Power and Conflict Facilitation

Bowden House, Totnes, South Devon. Friday evening July 15th – Sunday afternoon July 17th 2011

Process Oriented Psychology, founded by Dr. Arnold Mindell, offers powerful tools for making group life flow more smoothly in connection with an earth based approach to life. It recognises that anyone can help facilitate a group, whether you are a participant facilitator or an official leader. This seminar is for anyone interested in improving their understanding of groups and in gaining methods to use as facilitators, participants, therapists or in organisational development.

There will be some opportunity to focus on themes emerging through the Transition Movement, as well as other themes emerging in the group, with a combination of teaching, training, practice and feedback on process oriented group work. Large and small group practice and experience is available for those who want this, with the aim of strengthening existing leadership and facilitation skills. There are a limited number of scholarship places for those working within the Transition Movement.

Cost £180 (£160 if £50 deposit received by 1st June 2011). Registration & info contact Sue Milner: or 01364-643108.

This seminar will cover : Process work approach to leadership – developing your own style | Facilitation skills – how to keep your organisation moving and flowing with change | Conflict work skills – how to make conflicts short, less painful, and how conflict can connect and bring groups together | How to deal with rank and power issues in a facilitative way | Facilitator training – how to deal with being attacked or challenged as a facilitator | Burn out – treatment and prevention of burnout | Dream and vision work – the healing and unifying power of being connected to dreams, myths, and visions on both an individual and organisational level.

Gary Reiss, MSW, PhD, holds a Masters in Social work, a Doctorate in Psychology, and is a Certified Process-Oriented Psychology Trainer. He has been in private practice for thirty years, with specialties including family therapy often involving sex and intimacy issues, and anger problems; and developing techniques for working with patients in comas and their care-givers.  He frequently facilitates conflict work with large groups in hot spots in the Middle East where he has developed tools for working with trauma at the personal and community level.