Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT) is back!

A 3.5-day workshop in Birmingham learning the basics of an approach has inspired Rhizome training and facilitation work: a hands-on, learner-centred, inclusive approach to training.  

One of Rhizome’s trainers went to the first UK TSAT in 2013, and this fundamentally shaped our approach; another of us went a few years later and blogged about the experience; and check out the resources we’ve created on rank, and on mainstream and margins, concepts that Training for Change borrowed from Process Work and put firmly into an anti-oppressive framework. We thoroughly recommend you get yourselves along to this if you’ve not already had the chance.

Training for Change, an American training and capacity-building organisation for activists and organisers, is coming over, organised by Campaign Bootcamp. 

In May, veteran Training for Change trainers Erika Thorne and Matthew Armstead will be coming to Birmingham to lead this introductory workshop.

The training is designed to help take your training skills to the next level and improve the way training is done in your group, organisation or workplace. In the process you might just learn a lot about yourself!

Dates: Friday 3 May to Monday 6 May, 2019

Times: Friday 3 May (5:30pm to 8 pm)
Saturday 4 May (9.00am to 9.00pm)
Sunday 5 May (9.00am to 9.00pm)
Monday 6 May (9.00am to 5.00pm)

Location: Impact Hub Birmingham, Birmingham, B5 5NR

The deadline to apply is 9am on Monday 18 March.


Training for Change uses an approach they call Direct Education. Unlike traditional education, which gives all the expertise to textbooks and teachers, Direct Education invites the wisdom of people’s own experience. The approach is group-centred. Trainers build upon group dynamics in the training room and people’s own experience to introduce new content and help the group access their own wisdom.

TSAT is designed to give people the opportunity to develop a stronger sense of the training tools, approaches and choices that will work for them to be most powerful and useful in their trainer role. One participant said, “I’d recommend the course to anyone (and in fact, I do!). The course has quite literally changed my life: I don’t just feel like a better, stronger, more skilled, and more aware facilitator, but a better, stronger, more skilled and more aware friend, colleague, human being. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”


To keep it affordable we offer a sliding scale ranging from £280-£850 and several free places. The fees cover the training and all meals during training hours. The fees do not cover travel or accommodation, which you will need to arrange yourself. We do have limited funds available to cover some travel costs of those who are on the scholarship place.

Don’t forget–the deadline to apply is Monday 18 March at 9am GMT. Apply today and revolutionise your training skills!

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