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Rhizome_colourWelcome to our new website.  It’s a bottom-up redesign that aims to give you the information you need about what we offer, who we are, our approaches and understandings we can’t wait to share with you, and how we can support you.

From the start of Rhizome’s journey in 2010, we have evolved and learned.  We talk about being on a journey, with a ‘values compass‘ (what, you mean you haven’t got one?!) in hand, and how our clients and our team can learn together.

This website is the culmination of a long-process of working collectively to refine how we describe ourselves and what we can offer, and in its own small way, has for us been an example of building the world we want.  What change do we want to see in the world?  What do we think has and will be most effective?  What are the pressing issues faced by the groups and organisations we work with in this ole world we live in today?

We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about us and what we’ve found useful and interesting, engage with us via the comments on our blog and on twitter, use the resources we offer up and employ us to support you in bringing about the world you want.

This revamped website is only the start.  More free-to-download resources will follow in the months and years to come, and we’ll be continuing to blog about what’s new in facilitation, training, organisational development and working with conflict, stories of success plus mistakes we learn from, and about how effective organising and participative decision-making are already bringing about change.

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