Call out for facilitators…

This just in from our friends at the Radical Rebellious Media Conference:

This is an urgent call-out for help with facilitation at the Rebellious Media Conference in London on 8-9 October.
This is a 900+ person event, aimed at raising media as an issue across the spectrum of UK activism (not just the peace movement!). We’re confident about selling all of the tickets (most have already gone) because of Noam Chomsky’s attendance.
To increase the participatory content of the Conference, we’re currently hoping to run a couple of sessions that will require a small(ish) number of fairly experienced facilitators, and at least one session that — if we decide it’s feasible — would require as many as 40 trained (though not necessarily all that experienced) facilitators. The latter would involve facilitating for a group of around ten people with a pre-planned agenda for a hour-long session on the Sunday afternoon.
Because the Conference is being organised on a shoe-string (to enable penniless activists like ourselves to attend!) we can’t really afford to give out free tickets or pay folk to come and facilitate, though we might be able to help with travel costs if these are kept to a minimum and flagged up to us in advance.
Radical Media Conference