Campaign courses at CAT

An old friend emailed with details of two campaigning courses at Centre for Alternative Technology this autumn, which she’s involved in teaching. They might be right for your  organisations or your local group:

PEOPLE POWER! Campaigning Skills That Make A Difference

Fri 5th November to Sun 7th November 2010

Are  you:

  • Part of a group trying to stop an open cast coal mine,  influence
  • government policy, or get better food in your school?
  • Thinking of running a campaign?
  • Trying to stop cuts to an important  local service?

The course focuses  on building grassroots, community support for specific issues and  campaigns. Topics covered include: Strategic and tactical thinking,  Developing and delivering your campaign message, Building a volunteer  base, Lobbying and negotiating with your target, Using traditional and social media.

CLIMATE CRISIS! Exploring ideas, solutions and action.

Tues 9th November to Sun 14th November 2010

  • Want to learn more about the urgent environmental issues of our  times?
  • Want to engage with practitioners who are at the  forefront of
  • developing solutions?
  • Want to tap into cutting  edge, radical teaching and research with one of the UK’s most respected  universities and the UK’s leading ecocentre?

The module will be delivered  by staff from the University of Leeds and CAT and will involve a mix of  lectures, seminars, evening reading groups, debates and films, student  led presentations, guest speakers and site tours and a social on  Saturday evening.