Exploring Class – a training of trainers weekend residential workshop, 3rd-6th August 2017

Activist-trainers-at-the-Training-for-Change-Super-T-Philadelphia-2014Do you want to strengthen your workshop facilitation skills?
Do you want to help social change groups and mission-driven NGOs deal more skillfully with social class and classism in their own organisations, in their
members’ lives and in the wider society?

If so, Exploring Class may be for you.


Our lead trainer is Betsy Leondar-Wright, one of the co-founders of Class
Action in the US. She has facilitated over 100 class and classism
workshops since the 1980s, including three weekend Class Action Trainings
of Trainers.

We have two UK co-facilitators who will be helping to adapt US tools to
the UK class system:
• Oluwafemi Hughes is a highly-experienced equality and diversity facilitator from a working-class background.
• Milan Rai is an activist and trainer from a professional-middle-class background.

This Training of Trainers is intended for class-aware people who are ready
for an advanced workshop because of their experience in raising others’
awareness, whether by leading workshops or community dialogues on other
oppression issues, by teaching about economic inequality, by doing
educational work in the context of workplace or community organising, or
in some other consciousness-raising setting.

If you have experienced marginalisation due to your class, race, gender,
religion, nationality or immigrant status, disability, age or other
identity, you are enthusiastically invited to apply. Diversity is our

Space is limited, so not everyone who applies will be able to attend.

Fees (£60-£220 for individuals) cover food, accommodation, handouts and

Please contact Peace News if you are employed by an NGO and would like to

Scholarships are available.

Location & timings
Step-free-access residential space near Tiverton in Devon.

7pm on Thursday 3 August till 4pm on Sunday 6 August.

Because of our experiential approach, it is not possible to come late,
leave early, or break in the middle of the workshop.

How to apply
Please read the full information on the PN website and then fill in the
application form linked there. Please do apply as soon as you can – the
final closing date for applications is 30 June.

– More info from Milan Rai on 07980 748 555 or via skillingup AT
peacenews.info. Please read the full info on the PN website before
contacting him!

This is a brief description. Full info is on the Peace News website.