Facilitation masterclass – how to add zest to your meetings and discussions – London

Effective facilitation of meetings, decision‑making and discussions are a vital element of a team’s success. 

Good facilitation enables better planning, goal-setting, governance and communication.

Sometimes meetings drain energy and tensions take control, particularly when the going gets tough. A good facilitator will be able to support increased participation and better communication when it matters most.

This hands-on training will enable you to practice and extend your skills and confidence as a facilitator, to know when and how to intervene, and to identify options to address challenges and aid decision-making. We’ll explore how you can help a group and everyone in it thrive, so together you can climb mountains. Organised by Co-operatives UK and Rhizome.

How attendees will benefit

Understand the role of a facilitator and develop a common understanding of facilitation, its values and behaviours.
Explore and practice practical techniques, skills and competencies.
Identify and use a range of tools in order to deal with difficulties and issues that affect facilitation.

Who should attend

This masterclass is for anyone who has the role of chair or regularly facilitates meetings. It’s also suitable for people who have informal experience of facilitating as a meeting participant.

What attendees will learn

  • A greater understanding of the role and values of facilitation in discussions and decision-making.
  • To identify behaviours that improve facilitation.
  • To consider the power and people in the group and facilitate across difference.
  • To practice practical techniques to improve skills and competence.
  • To identify and use a range of techniques for effective facilitation.
  • To adapt to deal with different issues in facilitation.

About the trainer

Rhizome Co-op has almost 200 years of collective experience in facilitation, chairing, mediating and organisational development across a range of sectors, supporting groups and organisations to be effective, resilient and innovative.

Adam has over 25 years experience facilitating, training and helping organisations and groups get the best out of themselves. He is experienced in various facilitation and decision-making methods, in the last few years learning more about mentoring and working with conflict, to better support effective decision‑making and planning in the passionate pursuit of a co‑operative just and sustainable world.

“I thought the whole day was great and felt each exercise brought new skills, so it was a very well thought out agenda!” Harriet Steventon, Suma

Book now.

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Where: Finsbury Park, London

Cost: £95+VAT for Cooperatives UK members; £136+VAT for non-members; or supported places for new or poorer co-ops, or those who aren’t yet registered as a co-op.

When: 27th November 2018, 10am-4:30pm