Facilitation tools and techniques – new free resources to help you work with groups, teams and organisations

We are excited to share with you two resources to help you in the role of facilitator.  They are part of the resources featured in our Facilitation Masterclass, a recent event we’ve just run with Cooperatives UK in Manchester and that will be organised in several other towns in the UK in the coming months – see below for further details.

About the Resources

Facilitation tools and techniques gives you a wide range of resources to hand to navigate the deep waters of facilitation, or to use in your own workshops.  ‘Facilitation tools and techniques part 1‘ is now joined by ‘Facilitation tools and techniques part 2‘.  Exciting titles eh, and yes, we know that they don’t all fall into the strict definition of tools or techniques!  You might find them a treasure‑trove of ideas you can use.

Download now for free and do let us know how you get on using them.  They are ready to print double-sided; see the instructions on the last page that give tips on how to use these cards.  Drop us a line with any suggestions, or in the comments below; feedback always welcomed!

Rhizome’s Facilitation Masterclass

Facilitation is at the core of what Rhizome has always done and a key specialism that we have been developing and refining with every year.  As always, get in touch with Rhizome if external facilitation might be useful to help your team or group become more effective, deal with challenges, and thrive.

Recently we ran our first Facilitation Masterclass in partnership with Co-operatives UK in Manchester.  We’ll be running it again at the end of October.  The Masterclass has been built from the many introductory and advanced facilitation workshops we’ve run for different sectors – VCSE, statutory, NGO, campaigning organisations, grassroots community groups and co-operatives – and drew on the wealth of collective experience within Rhizome.

Some of what participants said:

“a comprehensive overview of facilitation methods – the day was perfectly paced, informative and fun”

“A great day, engaging and informative. Adam knowledgeable, professional and approachable. FAB! Thank you”

“this course is very practical and gives immediate resources and insights into methods and tools for effective facilitation”

“Great course facilitated with master class!!!”