Worldwork facilitation and leadership, 12-17th October, London

This is a five day facilitator training that we can highly recommend from personal experience having participated in several.

Worldwork is the application of Process Work to facilitating groups, organisations and communities, and working with conflict and hot spots in the issues that tear us apart.  Rhizome uses Process Work concepts and approaches in much of our work, including facilitation and training

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You are needed – just beyond what sometimes seems possible, to faciliate yourself and others, and to transform the troubling divisiveness of our times. The Intensive will focus on awareness and facilitation skills – being together, linking inner work and world work, social action for our times.


In this 6-day Intensive we are going to focus on the link between inner work practice, and facilitating within organisations, communities and social movements – bringing awareness to what orients you to your life and work, and within tense and polarised situations in these divisive times.

You know that experience when you feel moved, carried by something bigger than you… You’re ‘in the zone’, connected to a life force that seems to know what it’s doing. No matter how small and unimportant, your part is meaningful, essential. Or you know that experience when you are moved and reactive, disturbed by annoying people, painful history reawakened, and caught in an inner atmosphere. Or you feel hopeless about the magnitude of our world situation and being able to make a difference.

We’ll present both basic and advancing theory and practice from Processwork and Worldwork and the potential impact and outlook this methodology brings. We’ll discover how we are moved by a field of interactions – spiritual, psychological and political – and how just a dash of awareness makes a difference.

In past courses there’s been a diversity of participants interested in developing the link between their personal awareness and their facilitation within organisations and community, whether for personal interest or professional and creative development in a range of fields, including mediation, conflict resolution and peace-building, social action, organisational change, education, coaching and therapy, or performance and the arts.

Our aim is to be part of a world in which together we are facilitating awareness, rather than just falling unconsciously into another round. It’s a new paradigm to stop and try to facilitate a difficult interaction, rather than just replay it. It’s a new way to think about leadership. You facilitate, rather than only react, adapt or dominate.

We’d like to gather and share our learning from the different situations and places where we work, and study together the nature of processes – focusing on the spirit and practice of facilitation.

We’ll have opportunities for inner reflection, as well as working together in small groups and in the large group. Using process and systemic awareness, we’ll study together how the same process arises at different scales (micro-macro) – in your inner life, in your dreams and subtlest sentient, body and movement awareness, in your relationships, and within organisations and communities…

We’ll look at the spirit and practice of Processwork and Worldwork:

  • How to find ease in mapping process and system dynamics – signals, roles, ghost roles, polarisations, system edges, hot spots, cool spots – while staying connected to your sprit and sense of freedom and joy and contact with what arises spontaneously in you as facilitator.
  • What actually happens if you can ‘stop the world’ for a moment and track what is happening at moments of escalation and when conflicts cycle?
  • What happens inside your organisation, community or country at moments of division and escalation? What happens inside of you at such moments as a participant – facilitator? And how can you use your inner awareness to facilitate the outer situation?
  • What happens at moments when there is a shift of understanding and transformation? How do you notice the shift inside of you? Can you catch it, make this awareness useful as you facilitate others?
  • How do you notice and support the ‘phases’ of conflict and conflict resolution?
  • What happens when you connect to your deepest spirit or nature, and the underlying ‘field’and vitality moving you? And at the same time connect to and facilitate the field dynamics and innate vitality of the context and situation that you have been called to facilitate?The Intensive is also a chance to learn together about the entangled processes of our divisive times and how we each can facilitate awareness around dynamics such as:

o Separation and unity: processes that are important to all of us in Catalonia – Spain, Scotland – UK, UK – EU, and other places in the world, in respect to identity, culture, nationalism, dominant and marginalised groups

o Historic and persisting injustice that repeats each time we ignore our collective trauma and need for accountability and awareness

o Love and loyalty (for one’s own group) and demonising and dehumanising the ‘other’

o Feedback loops, echo chambers, information and disinformation
o Freedom, fear and dynamics of terror
o Frozen states, and altered states as pathways to new dimensions and possibilities for apparently intractable problems

We’ll come back again and again to inner awareness as the core of facilitation training. Facilitating in the outer situation you meet, including in tense situations in the world, or inside your own family is always in function of your own spirit and practice. In that sense, we’d like the Intensive to also be a time to retreat from everyday life, to connect to your deepest nature, and to discover and reflect on how the tools and experiences are meaningful for your personal life and work. There will also be opportunities for panel presentations and networking groups. If you’d like, let us know upon registration your particular area of interest and practice.

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