Gathering More Momentum

Here’s some info about the latest event from Stop GM

Gathering More Momentum: Sunday 13th November 10am – 5pm

A day to refine plans against the return of genetically engineered crops at the beautiful Hawkwood Nursery in Walthamstow, one of London’s most spectacular community growing projects. For directions see here:

The agenda will include:

1) A brief overview on current circumstances for beginners,

2) introductions to

  • Campaigning on British trial sites – potatoes and the new wheat.
  • Takeaway the GM oil – meet the new campaign materials for helping get your local chippie GM free.
  • GM oil in supermarkets – background on the community impacts of Roundup Ready Soya in South America, and dreaming up stunts to get it back off the shelves again.
  • GM free zone mapping – creating an up to date graphic database for the farmers and the public to register their growing sites as GM free zones.

3) Planning sessions on those areas where there’s most enthusiasm.

4) Affinity group training to help us build a network of self-organising and independent groups ready for action.

If you have any proposals for additional campaign ideas we’d really welcome them before the 10th November. Please send a 100 word outline and your phone number.

Please remember that as this is a public meeting it would be wise not to discuss any plans that are reliant on a level of surprise to be effective.

Bring warm clothes and sturdy footwear if you’d like to go exploring.

A fine vegan organic lunch will be provided for donations. Please let us know you are planning to come so we can make sure there’s enough to go round. Basic overnight accommodation can be made available for those that need it, please let us know by the 10th of November if you’ll be requiring it.