Islam and climate change – book launch!

Over the years I’ve worked with London Islamic Network for the Environment a couple of times.

They’re now known as  Wisdom In Nature and have just produced a 20 page booklet: Islam & Climate Change: A Call to Heal

Peace to you,

We are delighted to announce the launch of the online version of our long-awaited colour booklet: Islam & Climate Change ~ A Call to Heal. It is available to download for free from our website

From a small team of faith-inspired community activists… This picture guide outlines an Islamic perspective on one of the most pressing challenges of our time. In simple language and with pictures, it introduces the following themes:

Disturbance of the Natural Order; A Call to the Fitrah; Unnatural Disasters; Islam: A Religion of Harmony; Fulfilling our Role as Khalifah; A Revival towards Wholeness; The Power of Many.

Climate Change is a signal that humankind has lost its course. By drawing on spiritual wisdom, we can respond to this call – this call to heal. This booklet was produced by a team of community activists to educate, cultivate reflection and inspire holistic action to help build a fairer and more sustainable world for all.