Meaningful meetings and connecting individuals

Here’s a couple of quick links to recent posts with some useful ideas and resources:

From Gillian at You Learn Something New Every Day, a compilation of posts on Making Meetings Meaningful. There’s a lot of stuff here I would never have got to without it being pulled together like this.

And secondly some nice theory and ideas for Connecting Individuals in a Large Group Meeting from Viv McWaters:

Groups are strange beasts, made up of individuals – and no matter how often groups come together, each time they are unique, even if the people remain the same. I suppose that’s self evident. What really interests me is the human connection between individuals that forms the glue of groups. It’s this human connection that, I think, can help or hinder groups in the work they need to do. That’s why I think connecting activities are useful. Even groups that meet often and where the participants are well-known to each other can go a little deeper in connecting and knowing each other.