Preparing for a Crude Awakening

Another day, another journey to London… this time to run a workshop to help people prepare for A Crude Awakening, October 16th’s mass action against oil. Numbers were low and it took a while for enough people to gather to run the session (on holding space creatively with everyday equipment such as bicycle locks) effectively, but run it we did.

At the end of the session, I was asked to give an impromptu interview about some of the techniques covered in the workshop. I hope it gives you a flavour of what we used the time for:

As always the focus was on safe, well-supported and effective action. All too often actions and action-training focus on ‘frontline’ activist roles and forget the vital support roles. That’s all well and good until you find yourself with both arms ‘locked’ into an arm tube and no-one there to help you eat, drink, stay safe from traffic and so on….

If you couldn’t make this chance to prepare for the action, there is another opportunity in Manchester. Alternatively, at the very least check out the following links for ideas on holding space effectively:

For working effectively with others and for possible legal implications look at