GM: Gathering Momentum

Anti-GM update, networking and strategy session for grassroots and NGO campaigners

Saturday 22nd January 2011, 10am – 6pm, Central London

The GM threat is gaining momentum: GM test crops are being grown in the UK again, GM food oil is frying our chips and most farm animals are fed GM soya grown on former rainforest land. The ConDems say they’re “the most pro-GM government yet”, and Genetic Modification is being repackaged as a magic pill to solve world hunger and climate change.

It’s time to act! We’re kicking off with a free day long gathering to build links and networks to counter the coming threat: briefings from farmers, scientists and researchers, opportunities to meet and strategise with everyone from Reclaim the Fields activists to NGO representatives, community food growers to radical beekeepers.

The day starts off with sessions on the most recent developments in GM crop science plus ecological farming alternatives put forward by UN researchers. In the afternoon we’ll focus on sharing and developing campaign ideas and networking. Campaigns discussed will include: GM animal feed, bees, GM food oil, GM free zone mapping, and there will be plenty of space to share and develop more. There’ll also be a strategic discussion on how we can effectively counter misinformation and lobbying.

If you’ve ever been involved, or ever considered getting involved in GM crop campaigning we’d love you to be there. Please email for more details.

GM: Gathering Momentum is organised by Stop GM in conjunction with the Genetic Engineering Network. The free event will be hosted in London from 10 – 6pm, and vegan lunch will be provided.

Rhizome facilitators will be in action on the day!